From concept to certification and beyond, we deliver the solutions that assist you in exceeding your cleanroom requirements.


Our hardwall cleanrooms can be constructed via traditional, stick-built methods, or can be built using a modular design.


Softwall cleanrooms are the ideal solution for someone looking to quickly and easily expand their operations.


We offer portable cleanrooms that can be relocated within your facility, or complete units that are located outside your existing facility.


medical device

compounding pharmacy 797/800


aerospace & defense





We use a simple five-step process for our cleanroom projects. These five steps allow us to consistently design, build, and deliver the perfect cleanroom for our clients.


The process begins with an introduction that allows us to learn about each other. Acumen looks to learn about your industry and your specific application(s) for the cleanroom. A brief overview of the scope of the project and associated cost is also discussed.


Phase two focuses on the details. All cleanrooms are different, so we work hard to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your project and all the requirements. Key things to discuss are any specific design decisions and their impact on performance and cost.


The Acumen team will assemble a full-scale proposal that incorporates all the requirements and design decisions discussed in the previous phases. This proposal will then be presented to you, along with the projected costs, to confirm that it meets your objectives. Any necessary revisions are then discussed to ensure that the final design is exactly what you want.


Following a successful presentation and any revisions, a formal agreement will be reached. At this point, our team brings your project to life! The construction process begins, all under the watchful eye of the Acumen team and our associated experts.


The final phase of the process is undoubtedly the most exciting for you and your team. When the cleanroom is complete and we have earned your satisfaction, we hand over the keys to allow you to begin utilizing your new cleanroom.

Following the successful launch of your cleanroom, Acumen remains at your service to assist you with any needs you may have. 


If you are ready to start the process today, or just have questions about any of the solutions we offer, please contact us at your convenience.

Our CONTACT US page lists our sales representatives and their territory. If your state is not listed, please contact Brent Lloyd.

Acumen Technology Inc. is a solutions-based company that designs and builds cleanrooms, provides clean processes, and offers contamination control solutions across all industry sectors.


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