Acumen Technology offers consulting services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and other healthcare-based industries. Our network of industry recognized consultants can assist you with a wide range of topics.

In addition to formal consulting services, Acumen Technology can often help customers solve problems by accessing resident experts at our partners. For example, if you have static control issues, we can arrange a conference call with you and one of the experts at Static Control International to discuss the issue.

The topics below are the most common requests we receive for consulting. However, please be aware that Acumen Technology can assist you with just about every consulting need you may have.

Validation Services

Acumen Technology can assist you with all aspects of pharmaceutical and medical device operations.

  • Process Equipment Qualifications

  • Cleanroom Qualifications

  • Cleaning Validations

  • Sterilization Methods

  • Analytical Methods

Environmental Monitoring Plans

Your environmental monitoring plan (EM Plan) is the foundation for your critical environment. It will dictate standards, operating procedures, and other requirements.

Acumen Technology can assist you in the creation or revision of an EM Plan. Such plans can be applied to medical facilities that operate in ISO 8 cleanrooms to aseptic pharmaceuticals that are manufacturing in ISO 5 environments.

Full Service Microbiology Laboratory

Depending on the application, there are often many tests required for regulatory, safety, or product yield reasons. Acumen Technology can assist you with most tests through its laboratory partners.

Here is an abbreviated list of tests available:

  • Biological Indicator Sterility

  • Product Sterility Testing

  • Validation of Bioburden Method

  • Bioburden Determinations

  • USP Chapter <61/62>

  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness

  • Biological Indicator Performance

  • Product Inoculation

  • Total Plate Count

  • Water Testing

  • Filter Integrity

  • Organism ID

  • Antimicrobial Preservative Effectiveness

  • Barrier Metal Testing

  • Surgical Drapes & Gowns

  • Package Testing

  • Particulate Analysis


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Acumen has a team of sales representatives ready to assist you with your containment needs. Please visit our CONTACT US page to find your local representative.

If your state is not listed, please call our Director of Operations, Roxanne Schellman, for assistance.