The Sterile Science Dry Fog system provides a high technology solution to disinfect pharmaceutical suites, cleanrooms, healthcare facilities, critical production and laboratory areas.

Facility, safety and infection control managers trust Sterile Science to rapidly and effectively provide a six log kill (99.9999%) of microbial, bacterial and fungal contamination.

The Dry Fog application excels at sterilizing large complex areas in a fraction of the time it would take to manually clean. It only takes 1-2 highly trained operators to fog, whereas a large manual cleaning crew increases contamination risk.

General cleanroom cleaning services are also offered through Sterile Science. Please click here for more information on Cleanroom Cleaning Services.

Superior Performance


The Dry Fog system uses a combination of industry leading cold sterilant and our state of the art Dry Fog delivery system to rapidly and safely deliver vapor to even the most complex areas. The multi-port dry fogging head allows for rapid vapor dispersion that ensures that the most distant areas are reached effectively

  • Controlled and consistently accurate droplet size (Sauter Mean Droplet diameter of 5.9 microns)

    • Minimizes risk of condensation

    • Does not wet surfaces

    • Ensures penetration into inaccessible areas

  • Dry Fog system can decontaminate multiple linked rooms simultaneously

Short Process Time

Typically, the entire sterilization process can be completed in less than 3 hours, depending upon room size and ventilation system efficiency. Conventional systems can take 3-5 days.

  • No pre-conditioning of the room is required

  • No need for additional fans for coverage

  • No long aeration process

The Sterile Science Dry Fog system results in substantially lower clean room downtime.

Environment Friendly

Tree Lined Park

The Dry Fog System utilizes Minncare®, a peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based proprietary chemistry developed by Mar Cor for optimized biocidal efficacy. It is a fully biodegradable sporicide that will leave no measurable air residuals. Minncare is registered by the EPA for use as a fog to enhance existing cleaning and disinfection process.

  • Contains only pharmaceutical quality raw materials

  • No toxic aldehyde vapors

  • Fully biodegradable

  • EPA Registration Number 52252-4

Fully Validated

Each dry fog application is validated using biological indicators containing geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. These indicators are placed in the most challenging locations, inside equipment, confined areas, and throughout the cleanroom. This assures that each area achieves a 6-log reduction in microbial, bacterial and fungal contamination.

  • The Dry Fog System has been validated by hundreds of FDA audited pharmaceutical production facilities worldwide

  • A valid and reproducible procedure according to international Pharma Standards

  • Efficacy results can be verified using biological and chemical indicators

  • Chemistry has passed AFNOR Norm NF T 72-281, showing a 6.9 log reduction of bacteria spores


Acumen Technology is proud to offer dry fog sterilization services through Sterile Science, a recognized leader in the industry.

Sterile Science provides cleanroom cleaning and decontamination services. Working from the most sterile GMP environments to the less critical non-sterile environments, Sterile Science technicians provide complete cleaning from daily service to annual cleans. The Dry Fog process uses an environmentally friendly, EPA registered chemistry that is fully biodegradable and compatible with a wide range of materials and electronics.


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