Acumen Technology works with world-class manufacturers to bring you the best equipment and processes for your needs. From cleanroom design to particle counting, we will work diligently to ensure your standards and expectations are met or surpassed.

Current partners (in alphabetical order):

Sterile Science provides cleanroom cleaning and decontamination services. Working from the most sterile GMP environments to the less critical non-sterile environments, Sterile Science technicians provide complete cleaning from daily service to annual cleans. The Dry Fog process uses an environmentally friendly, EPA registered chemistry that is fully biodegradable and compatible with a wide range of materials and electronics.

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DivInd’s Aerosteril line of chambers and integrated systems for fogging with uHP offers excellent sterilization at an affordable price. These automated solutions provide records, intelligence, and safety to your process.

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ESCO is a pioneer in the development of biosafety cabinet technology: the entire product line combines design, construction and proprietary features that create ideal operator, product and environmental protection. All product lines feature the Isoside powder coating finish which prevents detrimental microbial/bacterial growth.

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International Portland specializes in down-flow containment booths and mobile, localized, clean air (mini-environments), which are manufactured to EU GMP standards.

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Isolation Systems Inc. brings over 30 years of experience to bear in the design, engineering, and manufacture of a complete line of both standard and custom built airborne contamination control, containment, and extraction systems. Its systems assure the highest level of protection and safety for both personnel and product and meet or exceed all performance and conformance standards, both nationally and internationally recognized.

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Plas-Labs’, world leaders in acrylic containment and isolation technology, has provided standard and custom research equipment for laboratories worldwide since 1967. Plas-Labs’ products are designed to protect sensitive, research material inside the glove box from the outside atmosphere, or to protect the user from any harmful products, potent powders or biological products inside the glove box. Plas-Labs also provides PCR chambers, desiccators, and animal handling products. Plas-Labs can modify or provide custom equipment to suit any researcher’s needs.

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Static Clean International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static Control Products in North America. They offer a full line of static control products and solutions for many applications, and serve multiple markets. Their product line consists of Static Neutralizing Systems, Bars and Power Supplies, Ionizing Bench Top and Overhead Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles, Electrostatic Charging Equipment, Sheet/Web Cleaners, Laminar Flow Benches, Medical Cleaning Stations, Clean Room Systems and Static Control Measuring devices.

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Bioscience International products are best of breed and used in all areas of the public and private sectors: from the National Institutes of Health, to NASA, to the largest hospitals, regulatory agencies, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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Microrite is a San Jose, CA based Consulting and Training Company helping Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology , Medical Devices and Drug-Device Combination Products, Biofuels and In Vitro Diagnostics in the areas of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Microbiology, Process Development, Process Validation, Facility and Utility Validation and Equipment Validation.

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TechTrak’s floor mat system effectively removes 99.99% of bacteria and particle contamination with three footfalls. Independent tests prove that the polymer technology is three times more effective than disposable peel-off mats. TechTrak is made in the USA, supports a 3 year warranty and is easy to clean using facility approved disinfectants and detergents. Making TechTrak an integral part of your contamination control program means totally effective, flexible and economic contamination control.

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Yamato Scientific introduced its product line to the US market in 1982 under a leading US scientific product distributor, and became their own entity in 1989. Yamato was a pioneer to introduce a microprocessor temperature control with self-diagnostic features, on thermal processing equipment line. They've gone on to develop other laboratory products such as ovens, spray dryers and plasma cleaners among many others.

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Performance Assurance Systems is committed to the development of innovative improvements in sterile environment design that makes their clients performance and functionality improved both in compliance adherence and personnel performance.

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TSI imagines, designs, and develops products that solve measurement problems. We collaborate with colleges and universities, research groups, and businesses around the world to set the standard for measurement expertise.

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