4103 High Speed Static Bar

4103 High Speed Static Bar

The 4103 Ionizing static bar introduces new standards in performance and size, in a low-voltage 24VDC static eliminator. The ideal choice for a static bar with modern machinery due to the slim compact size, and easy installation.


    • Emitter made from Tungsten for best long term performance; Resistively coupled for shockless operation
    • LED status indication: Bar OK, (Green), Bar fault condition, (RED), Clean Bar, (alternating red/green).
    • Designed to cope with web speeds of 2000 ft/min or more @ 1 inch from the target.
    • Best operational distance of 20mm (0.78″) to over 150mm (5.90″).
    • Remote monitoring of operational status and cleanliness available through 24V interface.

    Profile 32.5mm (1.27") x 20mm (0.78")

    Minimum length 250mm (9.84") then in 40mm (1.57") steps to 4010mm (157.87"). FR-ABS Industrial grade extrusion, epoxy resin, tungsten. IP66.  Fully sealed.

    Appx. Ship Weight: 9.84 inch bar = 0.61 lbs; then 1.12 lbs per additional 39 inches.


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