BR1200 Round Static Bar

BR1200 Round Static Bar

Contact and separation between two surfaces creates static electricity, which can often cause materials like paper, plastic, textiles and other non-conductive materials to randomly attract to or repel from themselves or their surroundings. In a manufacturing environment this causes process problems which include jams, clogs, miss-feeds, poor stacking, reduced transport speeds, shocks to operators, fires, explosions, and a variety of contamination related problems.


The BR1200 Round Static Bar is a neutralizing bar designed to help you control these troublesome and costly problems by neutralizing the static electricity that causes them.


    • Round body design enables user to "aim" the emitter points as needed.
    • Improves mounting flexibility

    • Round (.75" in diameter)
    • Overall length: 6" to 144"
    • Effective length: 3" to 141"
    • Ionizing point spacing: .75" on center
    • Optimum range: .75" to 3" or more
    • Mounting: loop clamps
      • 25KVDC, 105 C, UL VW1
    • Certification: UL; CE
    • High Voltage Cable: 25KVDC, 105 C, UL VW-1
      • Standard length 72" alpha shielded cable
      • Terminated in a user installed spring-loaded connector to mate with TSN 70 or75 or comparable power supply

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