BRE2200 Rectangular Static Bar

BRE2200 Rectangular Static Bar

The BRE2200 Rectangular Static Bar is a “shockless” linear air ionizer that generates a dense field of positive & negatively charged air ions. Exposing materials to this field efficiently neutralizes electrostatic charges that can cause a myriad of costly process, quality or safety issues; material jams, clogs, mis-feeds, poor stacking, reduced transport speeds, shock to operators, fires, explosions and a variety of ESA (electrostatic attraction) contamination related issues to name a few


    • Small profile for installation in tight spaces
    • Available in lengths up to 12 feet
    • Versatile, adjustable mounting hardware for ease of installation
    • Enlarged air-dielectric cavity at end cap dramatically improves reliability
    • Capacitively coupled 316 stainless steel emitter pins for shockless operation
    • Integral 72″ High Voltage cable in a flex conduit
    • Spring-loaded connector kit fits many 7.0~8.0kv power supplies

    • Outer Bar: 0.75″W x 0.88″H Clear Anodized Aluminum Extrusion
    • Overall Length: 4.75″ to 142.75″ in 3″ increments (custom sizes available)
    • Effective Length: 1.06″ less than overall length
    • Optimum Range: 0.75″ to 3″ from target
    • Emitters: 316 Stainless Steel spaced ¾” on-center
    • Mounting: Universal Brackets with adjustable 8-32 x 0.5″ studs & hex-nuts (included)
    • Certification: UL, cUL, CE High Voltage
    • Cable: 72″ High Voltage Cable in Flex Conduit, with factory installed spring-loaded connector to mate with a TSN70, TSN75A, or comparable 7.0kV ~ 8.0kV power supply (sold separately). Optional shielded HV cable available

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