CABX HDC-AC Ionizing Bar

CABX HDC-AC Ionizing Bar

The CABX HDC-AC Ionizing Bar is 30% faster and smaller in dimension to Shishido’s popular CABC Air Bar Ionizer. The ELIMINOSTAT CABX is ideal for electronic devices where delicate static elimination is required. Since large amounts of positive and negative ions are supplied constantly to the area requiring static elimination, there is a small difference in static elimination from one area to the next.


The new CABX features two nozzle types: (a) High speed performance air nozzle and (b) Low air consumption nozzle for your application needs.


    • Two nozzle types
    • High speed performance air nozzle
    • Low air consumption nozzle for your application needs:
      • For rapid static elimination use our High-flow “H” nozzle (4 holes) – GREY tips
      • For low air consumption use our Low-flow “L” nozzle (2 holes) – BEIGE tips



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