EX1250 Static Bar for Hazardous Locations

EX1250 Static Bar for Hazardous Locations

The EX1250 Static Bar is a high performance static eliminator with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas.


    • Part of the Fraser family of static eliminators, which offer market-leading reliability and performance.
    • Stay-sharp etched emitters for better long-term performance. Life expectancy is 5+ years. Non-infectious.
    • Emitters at 15 mm pitch provide more ionisation and better neutralisation.
    • Robust construction, but compact and easy to install.
    • Operating distance up to 150 mm. Best distance for high speeds and high charges 25 – 50 mm.
    • Washable and suitable for food, medical and pharmaceutical applications.
    • All electronic components are fully encapsulated for maximum reliability.
    • Certified for Zones 1 & 2. Gas group IIB (ethylene).



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