Hurricane 300 Ionizing Air Blower

Hurricane 300 Ionizing Air Blower

This extended range Hurricane 300 Ionizing Air Blower is designed to effectively and efficiently cover a wide area (up to ten feet away) with a high-output stream of ionized air. It is appropriate for either bench top or industrial overhead applications.


Sometimes physical restrictions or the application itself prohibits the installation of static neutralizing equipment so close to the material. In that case, air is used to propel the static neutralizing “ionization” through distances of several feet. The  Static Clean Hurricane 300 does just that. The Hurricane 300 Air Ionizing Blower is a ruggedly built, AC powered, extended range, self-contained, static neutralizing device designed to meet the challenges of hard to solve static problems.


A variable speed control allows the operator to adjust the dual blowers so that bi-polar ionization formed at the face of the unit is propelled effectively to distances up to ten feet using the Hurricane 300 Ionizing Blower.


    • Appropriate for bench-top or industrial overhead applications
    • Indicator to provide visual verification of operation
    • Variable fan speed control
    • Easily replaceable filters
    • Optional floor-stand for flexible positioning

    Weight: 20.6 lbs

    Dimensions: 19" x 17" x 13"


    Hurricane 300 Ionizing Air Blower - Product Brochure (pdf)


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