Hurricane 300B Balanced Ionizing Blower, 115V, 50/60HZ, 1PH

The Hurricane 300B Balanced Ionizing Blower is an extended-range ionizing blower designed to cover a wide target area up to 10′ away. The H300B model also includes proprietary ion-emissions balancing circuitry to minimize or null the electric potential on the target, making it a good choice for more sensitive applications such as some medical or electronic products.


    • Covers a wide target area up to 10′ away and may be used in web applications, especially those in which it is not feasible to mount ionizing-electrodes (static) bars in close proximity to the web.
    • Proprietary ion-emissions balance circuitry and construction (patent pending) to minimize or null the electric potential on the target
      • Good choice for more sensitive applications, such as some medical or electronics products.
    • The blower motor 3-speed selector switch provides a range of air velocity and delivery rate from the dual centrifugal fans, with low emissions to eliminate conductive interference with other electronic equipment.

    Weight: 21.65 lbs

    Dimensions: 19" x 17" x 13"


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