MCS-ASH Medical Cleaning Station with Automated Shuttle & HMI

MCS-ASH Medical Cleaning Station with Automated Shuttle & HMI

The MCS-ASH Medical Cleaning Station with Automated Shuttle & HMI provides all the benefits of the MCS system – an effective, efficient, time-proven system for cleaning products/packaging, source capturing particulates in critical medical device manufacturing and packaging processes – and elevates it to a whole new level.


Medical Device Manufacturers and Packagers have enjoyed over a decade of reduced tear-down, better quality, higher yields and profits using the MCS system.  Previously only available in a manual-feed system, the MCS-AS with automated shuttle allows for complete control over the cleaning process for optimal, repeatable results.  By incorporating a speed-adjustable pneumatic or servo-electric slide with stainless steel nest, custom fit to your packaging-trays, the operator simply places a tray, loaded with product, into the nest, touching the Opto-Touch button to begin the cleaning cycle.  The MCS-AS shuttles the nest at a controlled speed through the cleaning zone where static bars and stainless steel air tubes provide compressed, ionized air to neutralize static charges on the trays/parts, stripping particulates off surfaces, nooks & crannies.


Once airborne, particles in the cleaning zone are captured via the MCS-AS dust collector which draws a powerful vacuum, high velocity air from the cleaning zone, conveying the contaminants into the vacuum slot of the stainless steel hoods.  The particles are captured in the dust collector’s internal filtration, gently delivering clean air back into the clean room through a HEPA filtered exhaust.


Integral safety features E-stop the system if an obstruction is encountered, exerting more than 3~5 lbs. of force along the shuttles path, easily reset with the push of a button once the obstruction is cleared.  Power to the static bars and compressed air to the air tubes at the cleaning hoods are controlled by the systems PLC, turning on only during a cleaning cycle, significantly reducing energy costs.


An anodized aluminum profile frame provides a sturdy foundation for the system, supporting the dust collector and all components in a sleek, clean package.  Locking swivel casters, a quick-connect compressed air fitting and a standard 120V plug make moving the MCS-AS easy within your facility.


    • PLC Controller configurable for versatility, process control and reliability
    • Speed Adjustable Servo-Electric Slide for smooth operation; economical Pneumatic Slide available
    • Integral Dual-Channel Coded Safety switch E-Stops Shuttle if obstructed
    • Stand-alone system with locking swivel casters for portability & clear anodized aluminum frame; 36″ & 48″ wide standard
    • Single or Dual Operator Configurable with Opto-Touch button(s) to initiate cleaning cycle
    • Powerful VQM5003H Dust Collector with HEPA filtered exhaust provides 300scfm @ 3.75″WC to cleaning hoods to capture particles
    • Stainless steel tray-nest customized to fit your packaging tray’s profile and orientation for ergonomic, efficient product flow
    • Optional nest support rail & frame available for product loading of tray
    • Dual 15” Stainless Steel Cleaning Hoods efficiently clean top & bottom of parts up to 15″ wide x 6″ high in a single pass
    • Dual Stainless Steel air tubes at each hood scrub particles from parts/packaging surfaces to be suctioned away
    • Dual Shockless Static bars at each hood break the static bond that hold particles on your parts and prevent recontamination due to static attraction
    • Mains lock-out/tag-out switch to power up system; 120V, 60Hz, 1Phase, 20A power required
    • Reset button to easily initiate the system and restart after an E-stop
    • Single-point compressed air connection with lock-out/tag-out venting valve to integrated dual-stage, high-quality 0.3 µm filtration assure the air blowing on your product is scrupulously clean
    • dual regulators with knob-gauge provide individual control to top and bottom cleaning hoods



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