NEOS 30 Long Range Intelligent Static Bar

NEOS 30 Long Range Intelligent Static Bar

NEOS 30 is a long range static eliminator for distances between 200mm and 1500mm. For shorter ranges see also NEOS 20. UL and CB pending. CE certified. Dimensions: 76mm (H) x 33.6mm (W) Length: 600mm (min) then 750mm, then in 250mm steps up to 5m.


The NEOS 30 is the most powerful long-range static eliminator, includes 5 settings for optimum range and efficiency. It also delivers the performance demanded by modern manufacturing, and is the most advanced static elimination range out of the NEOS group.


    • Shockless, resistively coupled replaceable emitters made in tungsten for long life.
    • NEOS Intelligence has two automatic and 3 manual settings to give the operator complete control. Remote and local monitoring of operation and ‘Clean Me’ function.
    • LED status indication: Green = OK Red = Fault Green and Red Flash = Clean Me, attention needed.
    • 100% coverage. Effective length = Overall length. No dead zone.



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