Blowers, guns, and fans all use the same underlying physics to achieve static neutralization. They all use air assist to spread positive and negative ions to the target area, whether a large area or a smaller, specific target. Where they differ is in the applications they are utilized.

The blowers and fans are best used when trying to neutralize a wider area. The AGZ III gun and ZappPLUS system are best used when trying to neutralize and clean a part.

Acumen Technology can assist you in finding the proper solution for your static issues.



The Sentinel BTI benchtop blower is an ionizing blower designed to be compact and lightweight. Excellent for preventing particle attraction and for use in ESD applications.


The Sentinel BTI can be used either sitting on a benchtop or mounted on a wall or shelf. Dual fan speeds and compact size make this blower excellent for Medical applications and Electronics Assembly.


Sentinel BTI


This extended range Hurricane 300 Ionizing Air Blower is designed to effectively and efficiently cover a wide area (up to ten feet away) with a high-output stream of ionized air. It is appropriate for either bench top or industrial overhead applications.


The H300B model also includes proprietary ion-emissions balancing circuitry to minimize or null the electric potential on the target, making it a good choice for more sensitive applications such as some medical or electronic products.





The AGZIII Ionizing Blow-Off Gun is a compact and lightweight Ionizing air-gun that eliminates static electricity and cleans products in the Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Device and Industrial markets.


The AGZIII comfortably fits into the hand of an operator, and can be directed at isolated areas where other devices fail, or cannot effectively deliver ionization. The AGZIII is configurable using custom nozzles for specific applications, and the powerful air stream it generates is ideal for blowing away dust and particulate with ionized air.



Portable and flexible, the ZappPLUS Ionizing Blow-off System, with its ZappII Piezonizer, is ideal for neutralizing electrostatic charges and blowing loose, dry, surface contaminants from parts, assemblies and packaging materials in Injection Molding, Medical Device, Industrial, Electronics and Semiconductor applications. 


The ZappII and a sensor eye are mounted to the end of an adjustable gooseneck with table-clamp, for easy mounting on the edge of your work surface for quick setup of the system. Simply shape the gooseneck to aim the ZappII nozzle in an ergonomically and process friendly direction for hands-free operation. The sensor detects the presence of your part, sending power and air/nitrogen to the ZappII via the system controller.



Winstat 3-Fan Overhead Blower

3 Fan Blower.jpg

The Winstat BF-OHP3B 3-Fan Overhead Ionizing Blower is based on HDC-AC technology, an improvement that offers high ionizing performance and easy maintenance.


The blower provides consistent static elimination over a wide area. The overhead blower is the ideal choice to neutralize static electricity in Medical Packaging, Electronics and Semiconductor applications.


With its excellent ion balance and fast static decay rates at low pressure, the BF-OHP3B is the perfect tool for ionization when benchtop space is at a premium.


Winstat BF-OHP3B


Acumen Technology is proud to offer ionizing blowers, guns, and fans produced by Static Clean International, a world leader in static control solutions and technology.
Static Clean International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static Control Products in North America. They offer a full line of static control products and solutions for many applications, and serve multiple markets. Their product line consists of Static Neutralizing Systems, Bars and Power Supplies, Ionizing Bench Top and Overhead Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles, Electrostatic Charging Equipment, Sheet/Web Cleaners, Laminar Flow Benches, Medical Cleaning Stations, Clean Room Systems and Static Control Measuring devices.