The concept of containment is defined as the set of physical structures or activities that can isolate the product from personnel and the surrounding environment. Without proper containment, the safety of the personnel and/or product can be at risk.

There are three types of technologies commonly used in containment systems: cleanrooms, restricted access barrier systems (RABS), and isolators (glove boxes). Each type differs in separation/safety provided and flexibility the system can provide. Thus, it is important to consider the appropriate need for separation and then choose the best option for the application.

The following are some of the many solutions that Acumen can offer you for containment.


The primary purpose of a BSC is to serve as a means to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. All exhaust air is HEPA-filtered as it exits the biosafety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Acumen Technology can assist you with the following classification of Biological Safety Cabinets:

  • Class I

  • Class II (Type A2)

  • Class II (Type B2)

  • Class II (Type B1)


A Downflow Booth achieves containment by providing unidirectional, HEPA filtered airflow. This downward flow of air entrains particulates that have been released by the process and moves them away from personnel. The particulates are then recaptured by a low level exhaust and pass through filtration (prefilters and HEPA) to substantially remove the particulates.

Acumen Technology offers downflow booths from International Portland, a recognized leader in the industry.


A glove box is a sealed container that allows the worker or workers to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere is desired.


There are two main purposes for using a glove box. The first is to allow personnel to work with hazardous substances, such as infectious disease agents. The second is to allow manipulation of substances that must be contained in a very high inert atmosphere, such as nitrogen.

Acumen Technology offers glove boxes from Plas-Labs, an industry leader with over 50 years of experience serving its customers.


Isolators ensure the highest level of containment and are used across many industries. They are designed to provide continuous and complete isolation of the inside of the isolator from the external room environment. Only installed gloves or robotic arms are used to manipulate the product. 

Acumen Technology offers compounding isolators produced by Isolation Systems Inc.


A laminar flow cabinet is designed to prevent contamination of the product. Air is drawn in through a HEPA filter and then blown in a very smooth, laminar flow towards the user. This design protects the product from the user - but the user is not protected from the product.

There are two options for laminar flow cabinets - vertical flow or horizontal flow.


Acumen Technology offers both options through ESCO.


Ventilated Balance Enclosures (VBE) are designed to provide stability and accuracy while protecting the operator from hazardous airborne powders.


Negative pressure in the enclosure draws in air away from the user, protecting the user from the powders inside. The air passes through a HEPA filter and can be exhausted back into the lab or can be exhausted through the facility exhaust system.

Acumen Technology offers VBEs produced by Plas-Labs.


medical device

compounding pharmacy 797/800


aerospace & defense





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