A glove box is a sealed container that allows the worker or workers to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere is desired.


There are two main purposes for using a glove box. The first is to allow personnel to work with hazardous substances, such as infectious disease agents. The second is to allow manipulation of substances that must be contained in a very high inert atmosphere, such as nitrogen.

Acumen Technology offers glove boxes from Plas-Labs, an industry leader with over 50 years of experience serving its customers.

Clearly your best choice


Plas-Labs specializes in acrylic glove boxes. The acrylic provides an optically clear barrier that provides complete visibility for the user.

All Plas-Labs acrylic glove boxes are made of a one-piece top, which also feature coved corners for easy cleaning.

While Plas-Labs is known for its acrylic products, they can also assist you with any stainless steel requests.

Large or Small

Plas-Labs offers many different size options. If you are looking for a smaller box, consider the La Petit glove box.

The La Petit glove box is an economical glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box.

815 LaPetite.png

Completely Customizeable

Plas-Labs manufactures all of its acrylic products in-house, giving them the ability to customize any glove box to the needs of the customer.

Not only can Plas-Labs customize the size and dimensions, they can add a variety of accessories to make the glove box the perfect chamber for the customer.

Controlled Atmospheres

One of the main reasons to use a glove box is to perform a process in a controlled environment, or atmosphere. Plas-Labs offers the following glove boxes:

  • Nitrogen Dry Box

  • Hypoxia Chamber

  • Anaerobic Chamber

  • Temperature & Relative Humidity Controlled

850 Nitrogen.png

One-Touch Anaerobic


The new 857-OTA One-Touch "Go Anaerobic" chamber allows one simple press of the "Go Anaerobic" button to create a strict anaerobic environment. No standing around to manually purge the glove box.  


Simply push the "Go Anaerobic" button on the large, color, touch-screen display and glove box automatically begins the purging sequence. 

Powder Handling

A closed-loop HEPA-filtered containment glove box used for small-scale handling/weighing of active pharmaceutical ingredients ("APIs") in powder form.

840_0 Transparent.png


Acumen Technology is proud to offer glove boxes produced by Plas-Labs, the world leaders in acrylic containment and isolation technology.

Plas-Labs has provided standard and custom research equipment for laboratories worldwide since 1967. Its products are designed to protect sensitive research material inside the glove box from the outside atmosphere or to protect the user from any harmful products, potent powders or biological products inside the glove box.