In manufacturing environments, tribo-charging is created by contact and separation between two surfaces. This charging causes materials like paper, plastic, textiles, and other non-conductive materials to randomly attract to or repel from themselves or their surroundings. This causes process problems which include jams, clogs, mis-feeds, poor stacking, reduced line speeds, shocks to operators, fires, explosions, and a variety of contamination related problems.  Static bars are a great solution to this problem.

DC Technology


Static bars powered by direct current (DC) offer the latest technology in the industry.

DC bars are much more efficient than AC bars because the emitter pins are sending out a steady stream of ions, with no downtime between emissions. AC bars on the other hand, have a period of time when they are not emitting either positive or negative ions.

Long Range or High Speed

Static Clean's DC bars come in two configurations: long range of high speed.

Long range bars are utilized when you are unable to place the bar close to the source of static or target area. High speed bars are typically used in converting processes where the product is moving at a high rate of speed past the bar.



DC bars also provide easier monitoring. Directly on the end of each bar is an LED light. This light can indicate if the bar has a fault or if it is in need of cleaning.

Real-time monitoring is also possible through the use of a 4-20mA signal.


Static Clean also offers NEOS bars by Fraser. These bars represent a major advance in industrial static control technology.


The NEOS intelligence monitors and reacts to the static charge by emitting the quantity and balance of ions to neutralize it. The combination of NEOS intelligence with intense ion generation creates static eliminators for the most demanding applications.


AC Bars


Installed in many applications around the world, AC bars offer a less-expensive option for reducing static.

AC bars come in a slightly smaller profile to fit in tighter spaces. They come in any length up to 12 feet and versatile mounting hardware is included.


Acumen Technology is proud to offer static bars produced by Static Clean International, a world leader in static control solutions and technology.
Static Clean International is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Static Control Products in North America. They offer a full line of static control products and solutions for many applications, and serve multiple markets. Their product line consists of Static Neutralizing Systems, Bars and Power Supplies, Ionizing Bench Top and Overhead Blowers, Ionizing Air Guns and Nozzles, Electrostatic Charging Equipment, Sheet/Web Cleaners, Laminar Flow Benches, Medical Cleaning Stations, Clean Room Systems and Static Control Measuring devices.