Ventilated Balance Enclosures (VBE) are designed to provide stability and accuracy while protecting the operator from hazardous airborne powders.


Negative pressure in the enclosure draws in air away from the user, protecting the user from the powders inside. The air passes through a HEPA filter and can be exhausted back into the lab or can be exhausted through the facility exhaust system.

Acumen Technology offers VBEs produced by Plas-Labs.

Clearly your best choice


Plas-Labs specializes in acrylic containment solutions. The acrylic provides an optically clear barrier that provides complete visibility for the user.

The 900-VBE includes a phenolic base with superior chemical resistance and provides higher analytical balance stabilization 


Completely Customizeable

Plas-Labs manufactures all of its acrylic products in-house, giving them the ability to customize any ventilated balance enclosure to the needs of the customer.


Acumen Technology is proud to offer ventilated balance enclosures produced by Plas-Labs, the world leaders in acrylic containment and isolation technology.

Plas-Labs has provided standard and custom research equipment for laboratories worldwide since 1967. Its products are designed to protect sensitive research material inside the glove box from the outside atmosphere or to protect the user from any harmful products, potent powders or biological products inside the glove box.



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